Future-Fit Aotearoa tour – 2-In-A-Ute

At Future-Fit Aotearoa, registration includes free tours like 2-In-A-Ute which sees you travel by bus to a stormwater site in need of revitalisation. See first-hand the work small, local and agile teams do to clean up our waterways and learn more about how the programme supports employment though an innovative social franchise model based on a network of micro-businesses.

Ideas that matter – with Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson’s career has focused on mobilising people around ideas that matter. Sam is the Founder and Chief Executive of Te Hunga Tūoa Student Volunteer Army (SVA) and is well-known for his socially entrepreneurial work that continues to make significant differences in the lives of others. Sam leads a team that designs and operates projects that impact over 65,000 volunteers each year at a primary, secondary and tertiary level across New Zealand. We caught up with him ahead of his keynote address at Future-Fit Aotearoa.