Recorded presentations

Future-Fit Aotearoa recorded presentations

Economic update for 2022

Jarrod Kerr, Kiwibank

Hear from Kiwibank Chief Economist Jarrod Kerr as he discusses key economic issues for 2022, including Omicron’s potential effect on our economy, the tight labour market, record export prices and the outlook for interest rates.

Do you count the carbon impact of your road maintenance activities?

Michael Arthur, Metis Consultants Limited

The United Kingdom has committed to net carbon zero by 2050. A challenging goal, especially in the roading and infrastructure sector. Hear how the United Kingdom is tackling the issue and what we can learn here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Managing future uncertainties using the adaptive pathways planning approach - a water industry case study

Vijesh Chandra, GHD

Learn how GHD applied the Adaptive Pathways Planning approach on a Callaghan Innovation project to assess effective rainwater storage solutions for water supply resilience in Auckland in this water case study presentation.

The Future of Mahi - and inclusive and diverse workforce?

Kristina Hermens and Priyani de Silva-Currie, Beca

Significant investment in Aotearoa New Zealand’s public infrastructure is planned or underway over the next decade, and there is a shortage of skilled workers to meet increasing demand. Kristina Hermens and Priyani de Silva-Currie ask, does inclusivity really matter?

Auckland’s road to electric public transport – why so bumpy?

Anna Percy, Auckland Transport

Imagine a city with only electric trains and zero-emission buses? Auckland Transport has committed to this by the year 2025. In this presentation, look at the roadmap to an electric public transport system.

Creating a loveable city

 Michala Lander, GHD

Cities should be vibrant places where people want to live, visit often, and stay longer. Too often, the focus is on infrastructure that makes our places liveable rather than what makes them loveable. In this presentation hear how to put people at the centre of planning and create loveable cities with Michala Lander of GHD.

Resilient and sustainable water infrastructure solutions to anticipate the unforeseeable

Claudia Hellberg, Tauranga City Council, Jivir Viyakesparan and Daniel Johnson, WSP

In this presentation, you’ll learn about a future-focused, adaptive and sustainable water supply plan produced by WSP and Tauranga City Council.

The Paradigm shift – assets that “do more” 

Adrienne Miller, Infrastructure Sustainability Council

As an organisation the Infrastructure Sustainability Council promotes industry collaboration, and through training, upskills those looking to develop sustainability expertise. At this presentation prepared by Adrienne Miller (GM New Zealand) and Dr Kerry Griffiths (IS Technical Manager) attendees will learn the origins of the scheme, how it works, the NZ projects undertaking IS rating and which NZ organisations are already on board as members.

Deep thought and doughnuts

Stephen Jenkins, Aurecon

In this presentation, hear from Stephen Jenkins as he explores the inequality, societal self-destruction and a growing environmental disaster from the consulting and engineering systems we’ve relied on for so long.

Concrete’s journey to decarbonize

Rob Gaimster, Concrete NZ

As demonstrated by a 15% reduction in emission between 2005 and 2018, the concrete industry has embraced the challenge to become (net) zero carbon by 2050. This journey to decarbonise will mean NZ’s emissions reduction success is built on concrete, as clean and renewable energy requires more concrete, not less!

Asset Resilience Management Tool

Charlotte Dawson and Johannes van Wyk, Stantec

Knowing where to invest is critical for resiliency. Cities want to be diligent and avoid investing in assets that may not be worth the investment long-term. But how does a city do this responsibly? Tauranga City Council has figured this out, and Stantec helped them do it responsibly and efficiently.

Preparing for technological change in the infrastructure sector

Kieran Brown and Matt Ensor, Beca

Immediate and direct interventions are required to accelerate technology adoption in New Zealand’s infrastructure sector. It requires mission-driven collaboration between central and local government and industry. In this presentation, Matt Ensor and Kieran Brown will identify the technologies that are coming, how they will improve infrastructure performance and the decisions the sector must face.

A very different long-term plan

Anthony Clarke, Wellington Water

With the looming advent of aggregated water entities, how can the needs of various communities be brought together and planned for consistently?
Nicola Chisnall and Anthony Clarke of Wellington Water will share their learnings as a non-asset owning CCO in this presentation.